Expert Advice in Styling and Colour

Ever stood in front of your packed wardrobe and thought “I have nothing to wear”?

Do you waste countless hours shopping for clothes, feeling the latest fashion isn’t really… you? I can help.

I’m Wilma Gostner – a qualified independent image consultant and personal stylist based in Brighton and London specialising in personal, editorial and commercial styling. Whether you need a creative fashion stylist for a shoot or a more individual styling service I can help my clients to achieve and express their own style and way of dressing.

I am passionate about colour and style and I am passionate about people. I want you to be able to portrait your best day to day, with a capsule wardrobe tailored to your unique style preference and that suits your lifestyle. Take the hassle out of getting dressed and put an end to costly mistakes when shopping. Develop the life-changing confidence to know exactly which clothes to buy and how to wear them to make you look and feel great everyday.


From total wardrobe revamp to simple style update – choose from these affordable services to suit your needs:

Colour Analysis
Using a range of colour swatches I will identify the colour palette that enhances your unique colouring. This is one of the most effective principals to update your look, develop your personal style and is the foundation for building a wearable wardrobe.

Style Consultation
By assessing your individual style personality and body shape we will discover the fabrics, cuts, prints and accessories that suit you best, whilst also identifying what to avoid.

Wardrobe Edit & Organisation
Simplifying and organising your wardrobe to suit you and your lifestyle while developing your personal signature style.

Personal Shopping
Bespoke guided shopping trips available in a location that works for you.