Why Every Woman Needs a Stylist by Jo, Mobile Hairdresser, Writer and Blogger

The night I met Wilma, I didn’t know that she was what I had been looking for. We had an instant connection and although I didn’t know it at the time, she was about to change my life. She is not my Lover, she is my stylist.

The evening we met, I had looked in my wardrobe of clothes and declared “I have nothing to wear.” A familiar statement and one that is totally untrue. I have a wardrobe full of clothes, but I was uninspired. I had been invited round to the home of a friend, who had cleared out her wardrobe, and was selling off her unwanted pieces. Wilma stood out from the crowd, she was stylish and chic in an effortless way, a look I found hard to achieve. I bent her ear over a glass of wine, complimenting her on her fashion sense and whinged that although I have so many clothes I never know what to wear. Always in the same colours, stuck in a rut. “I want to stop wasting money on clothes that don’t work for me, I want to look my best all the time.” Wilma smiled at me, “I can help you” she said. I trusted her immediately. We swapped numbers – I was smitten.

You’re probably thinking I’m a high flying city exec, how else would I have the disposable income to employ a Stylist?  I’m not. I’m a hairdresser and a writer in my mid 40’s, and instead of going out and making more costly mistakes buying clothes, I chose to spend the money instead on the expert advice of Wilma.

If you have ever met someone who always looks well put together and can pack for a week away with just a carry on, then they are either incredibly gifted or they have had their colours done, and this is where Wilma started her process.

For the last few years I had been trying to warm myself up. My staple make-up look was smokey brown eyes, or a bright orange lip, gold jewellery and a touch of fake tan. But it turned out that I needed to cool myself down, the total opposite. It is truly amazing what a difference the right colour can make to your complexion. When a swatch of baby pink was put around my shoulders, it was as if I’d had a face lift. The dark shadows under my eyes dispersed, fine lines around the corner of my mouth seemed to vanish and my wishy washy grey eyes became a beautiful blue. By comparison, a tan/brown swatch replaced the pink, and I looked instantly haggard, the dark circles came back, the lines re-appeared and I look drained.

So pastels it is for me, pinks, blues, lilacs and, luckily, grey, a colour which has a heavy presence in my wardrobe. Out with the gold jewellery and in with shiny silver. An instant and cheap update was switching my coral blusher for a bright pink one and swapping my peachy nude lipstick for a pale pink gloss, both made a huge difference,

Body shape and style analysis came next. I have no curves, I’m 5ft 5, slim, long arms and legs and a small bust. I’m not overweight but I have a tummy, and as I get further into my 40’s it’s slowly getting a little bit bigger. Wilma measured me and it turns out I’m perfectly in proportion. My best features are my arms, legs and shoulders and these are the areas I need to show off. Out with the crew necks and polo necks and in with v necks. Out with baggy mom jeans and back in with the skinnies. Out with the beige cocoon coat and in with a tailored, slim fitting grey Crombie.

Colour and shape analysis done, it was time to move onto the wardrobe edit. It was with a huge sense of relief that item after item got booted out. Wrong colour, wrong shape and just generally wrong. I wasn’t left with much, but I was left with the knowledge that my capsule wardrobe was taking shape and I would soon be able to reach in and know that everything in there was going to make the most of me and I would be looking my best most of the time.

Wilma then went shopping on my behalf and brought round bags of items that were both suitable and unsuitable. She wanted me to see the subtle differences between a neckline, a hemline, a print and, for someone like me that has always steered clear of costume jewellery, what a difference a statement necklace can make.

I then ventured out on my own, my first shopping trip was a joy. I walked into a store and immediately cut the shopping time by half just by knowing what colours to avoid, and seeking out the whites, blues, pinks, silvers and greys. On my return Wilma went through my booty and much of it went back, she was strict, it might have been the right colour but the neckline or the material was wrong, waistband just a little bit too restrictive, too long on the crotch and not flattering on the bum. These are little things that I would have put up with, because I liked the item, but ultimately has given me a wardrobe of clothes that I don’t wear.

Wilma’s work continues, I send her a pic of any new purchase and I get the OK or not, and she gives it to me straight and we share a Pinterest board for inspiration and current trends. I now know which items to put together and my wardrobe is getting streamlined and co-ordinated, It’s saving me a fortune.  I’m feeling confident and stylish and I’m not tiring of the compliments (and dates) that are coming my way.

What have I learnt?

Don’t shop in the sales!  I was terrible for buying a ‘bargain’, which ultimately turned into a costly mistake. If I wouldn’t pay full price for it I don’t buy it.

I have invested in a black biker jacket and it has pulled my wardrobe together.  It goes with everything, and every time I put it on I feel great.

I can wear black, as long as it is not directly next to my skin. I offset it with statement jewellery or scarves.

Book a makeover once you have had your colours done. I needed to cool down my foundation, blusher and lipsticks, and turn to greys and purples for my smoky eyes.

Be brave, changing old habits is hard especially when it comes to changing your look, but your wellbeing is important and a little self-love goes a long way. Letting go of beloved items and the memories associated with them can be painful, but also incredibly therapeutic. Happiness does come from within, but when you look good, you feel good too and I can vouch for that.

Jess Richards & Pedram Afshin
We cannot thank you enough and our wedding would not have been the same without your help. We were both so happy and we felt the clothes we wore represented exactly what we wanted. It is totally amazing that you understood both of us so well and managed to find us outfits in such a short space of time! You were both warm and professional and you made what was quite a stressful time so much easier for us. You made such a huge impact on our whole experience and we really can’t thank you enough.
We have both been so happy with the clothes you helped us buy and wear them all the time! We also get a lot of complements on them. It has had a really good effect on my confidence and I feel so much happier now choosing what to wear on a daily basis.
We really appreciate all the work and effort you made for us. It was also just wonderful to meet you! We definitely want to keep using your services.
I am looking forward to seeing you again soon ?

Stuart, Hove, 2018

An old friend very kindly suggested that I needed some help with my wardrobe.. and she was right. Shopping has always been a bit hit and miss. She recommended that I meet Wilma, ‘she’ll sort you out’ she said.

So we met for a coffee and we talked about styles, brands I liked, where I felt my wardrobe needed updating. Wilma put me immediately at ease. A few days later Wilma came over to sort through my wardrobe. Her experience and straight talking helped me to clear out old clothes I never wore, those with stains (never okay apparently!) or a poor fit.. it was quite a liberating experience!

Then we went shopping.. a totally effortless experience. Wilma helped pick out options, change sizes and generally field the sales assistance. By the end of our first trip I had three pairs of trousers, five shirts, two jumpers, a pair of shoes, a jacket and a great new coat, oh a pair of socks! I feel great in all of them, and they complimented each other and my other clothes. So much easier having an opinion you can trust.

A day shopping with Wilma can be quite exhausting, but the results are a season’s additions to an expanding coordinated wardrobe! I’ve even started making half decent choices on my own.

And if you need advice for a special occasion, Wilma’s insight is just a a photo message away.

Oh, and Wilma’s lovely too.

Silvia, Italia, Inverno 2017

Ho avuto l’onore di conoscere Wilma e il suo straordinario entusiasmo nel suo lavoro.

Ho sempre avuto passione per il gusto e il mondo della moda e grazie a Wilma oggi mi accorgo di avere ancor piú di prima una maggiore consapevolezza nella scelta dei colori per il mio guardaroba.

Con Wilma abbiamo analizzato quali fossero i colori e toni adatti a me, ed è stata una esperienza fatta assieme, non era Wilma a delineare le risposte ma come una guida accurata lei mi conduceva a capire quali colori mi esaltassero maggiormente.

Con i miei occhi ho potuto perció assodare che giá ero a conoscenza di alcuni di essi mentre altri ho deciso nettamente di eliminarli dal mio armadio e altri ancora, che prima non avrei mai scelto durante lo shopping, solo ora sto imparando ad apprezzare e il riscontro e sempre piú positivo.

Consiglio vivamente di fare quest’ esperienza anche solo per prender piú confidenza con se stessi e amarsi di piú e aggiungerei anche solo per passare del tempo con Wilma che é una donna grintosa e dalle mille risorse, ne vale la pena!

Grazie Wilma!

Maya Hart, Marketing Director, London  Summer 2017- embraced her warm, vibrant spring palate and is glowing with compliments.

Since having the pleasure of a colour analysis session with Wilma I’ve been equipped with knowledge to choose and coordinate outfits that fill me with confidence and a positive outlook towards creative self-expression.

I have to be honest; the prospect of the session was a little daunting to me because I’ve admired Wilma’s style for many years. I felt cautious that we might unveil some serious fashion faux pas I’d been making. However I shouldn’t have been even slightly worried. Wilma conducts the session at a calm and steady pace – no big shocks to contend with – all the while encouraging her clients to open up to the experience, teasing out areas that you would like to work on. It’s not unlike a gentle therapy session – when we concluded I felt uplifted and inspired.

When I came to the session my personal style was in flux following a change of job and new working environment to dress for. Once I learned about the palate of colours, tones and accessories which are most complimentary to me I’ve been able to refresh my wardrobe and work on evolving my personal style. This exercise has resulted in many compliments from colleagues and friends. Most notably that I’m looking well or that a colour I’m wearing is absolutely perfect for me. I think theses acknowledgements have been forthcoming because I’ve gained a foundation of knowledge and self-belief in my external presentation as a result of working with Wilma. I thank her so much, and recommend the consultation to anyone with openness to feeling like an even greater version of yourself.

Julie, Cobham, Spring 2017

Finally knowing what colours work for me and compliment my complexion is so simple yet completely life changing, that I can’t believe I haven’t done this before!

The results of my personal colour analysis helps me to make the right choices when it comes to clothes shopping and putting outfits together. I now even feel myself feeling naturally drawn to the shades I know work for me. It saves me from wasting my time and money on clothes that just aren’t right for me. Having the confidence to pack a suitcase when

I go on holiday or a work trip that contains clothes I know I am going to wear, instead of deliberating over several outfits that I’m unsure about, saves me so much time and valuable space in my suitcase for more shopping on my travels!

My wardrobe is now organised with ready to wear outfits that make life so much easier instead of standing infront of my open wardrobe pondering for ages about what to put on that day.

During the experience, Wilma shares with you her own creativity, and natural instinct for fashion and what will work for you as an individual. She has a remarkable intuitiveness when it comes to understanding the person you are and how you want to present yourself that makes the experience so personal. What she gives you is, in fact, a unique gift that you get to keep…to feel comfortable with who you are in the clothes you’re in. Priceless! I can’t thank her enough.

Opal Fisher, Portsmouth Spring 2017

Having used the services of Wilma, I can’t recommend her highly enough, not only is she a friendly professional and an imaginative lady she put me at ease and after hearing my requirements, she devised a taylor made colour palate for me. 

The entire experience was most enjoyable and not only did I learn which colours suit me best, I feel more focused and confident when purchasing new clothes. 

Prior to my appointment, I used to make impulse purchases and over the years have wasted a considerable amount of time and money. Now I have a clear idea of exactly what suits me, my hair colour, my skin tone and complexion. I go shopping with a new found enthusiasm. 

Family and friends have complimented on my new clothes, outfit choices and how much they suit me. Not only have I saved money on this experience, I feel more confident and self assured. Wilma also helped to incorporate items from my existing wardrobe using accessories and mixing with some of my new purchases. 

If you feel like you’re stuck in a fashion rut and you want spring in your step as the new season approaches then contact Wilma, it’s one of the best decision I’ve ever made. You won’t regret it!

Nico, Brighton Spring 2016

I never really like shopping for clothes: would wait until I badly needed a pair of trousers to get one, going to the shop and out as soon as possible. Occasionally, I would buy something on an impulse something from a charity shop, or on sales, not really thinking if it would fit with the rest of my clothes, and ready to make compromise even if it was not quite the right size becaue it was a good deal.

Some friends had used Wilma’s advice, and recommended her, so I gave it a go. After a thourough discussion to understand me, who I am and want to appear to others, Wilma looked at my wardrobe and we quickly discarded many items which didn’t suit me and made a list of the best items in my wardrobe and the ones that were needed. Of course, it was always up to me, and I could always keep some clothes if I felt I wanted, but after hearing the reason behind, it was easy to let the items go. We then set up some appointments to go shopping. During these appointments, Wilma had already done some research, and had a prepared schedule. She knows all the different places, which ones are good for what. How to get there. The return policy. Speaks to the shop assistants to really get them to help and cut short when they’re insist.

What I really like about this whole process is the efficiency: decisions made fast, quickly moving on to the next garnment, next shop, led to an excellent use of the time.

I’ve learned a lot, and although I can’t say I now like shopping for clothes, I now know what I want, the right colours, cuts, and sizes. But most of all, I’m really pleased with the clothes I have, it gives me confidence.

Fiona Rees, Brighton, Summer 2015

Having my colours and styling with Wilma has been a revelation.

It has taken the stress out of shopping as I now know what colours, material-types, clothes and accessories will suit me making selection (online and on the high street) much easier. I have become more ‘clothes-smart’ as I have reduced my wasteful bargain shopping, I now know when to invest in key pieces and I have been able to streamline my wardrobe ensuring each item works for me.

I am also now more confident in buying pieces that I would have originally shied way from, as I would have thought them too bright or too trendy for me, and this has brought a fun element to my wardrobe.

Wilma was very supportive throughout the whole process and makes it fun and informative, ensuring I developed the skills I need to make the most of my assets.

All the compliments on how I look have been a lovely bonus too!!

I whole-heartedly recommend a consultation with Wilma.

Karen Perham, Saltdean Autumn 2015

I really enjoyed Wilma’s service and the warmth and ease with which it was delivered.

Wilma came to my house to do a wardrobe scan and as a result my life has become a lot easier on a daily basis.

When I open the wardrobe doors I am no longer confronted with too many clothes, only some of which can be put together.

Now I have that dreamed of  “Capsule” wardrobe which all works, so it not only looks good but saves me a lot of time and effort.
I love it.

The colour analysis was super useful for knowing straight away which colours to go for and I indeed enjoyed a full day shopping trip in Covent Garden with Wilma. Unbelievably it saved me a fortune, as Wilma’s eye for suitable styles and colours allowed me to buy from places I might have ignored – with good prices  but lots of rails to go through – which I previously tended to avoid. It was well worth it and we had a lot of fun doing it. I came back with armfuls of bags, but no need to shop again for quite some time.

The icing on the cake is the number of positive comments I have had  since that shopping trip……………

thank you Wilma.